Hire by Google is available to all Hire users. Not a Hire customer? Request a demo and learn more today.

Hire’s mobile app for recruiters enables you to take action on your most important hiring tasks from anywhere. Download the app today to:

Respond to candidates faster: easily search for and view profiles, leave comments, and contact (email, text, or call) candidates from anywhere

Quickly screen new applicants: review new applications on the go and advance or reject candidates with a click

Manage interviews with ease: use AI-powered smart scheduling recommendations to replace interviewers on the go

Engage your hiring team: notify your team about upcoming interviews and send automated reminders to submit feedback

Streamline approvals: approve new job requisitions and offers immediately from your phone

About Hire by Google

Hire by Google’s applicant tracking system (ATS) makes recruiting a seamless part of your G Suite workflow, so your whole team can get involved in hiring the right talent. Hire requires no training and empowers you to manage the end-to-end hiring process, including quickly posting across job boards like Google, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, or Glassdoor, communicating with candidates through Gmail, and scheduling interviews in Google Calendar. Learn more about Hire.

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