Jacquard by Google is your link from the physical to the digital world. Enhance your ability to stay connected through the things you love, wear, and use every day. Add a layer of interactivity directly to your favorite items, making music, navigation, and more just a gesture away. The new Jacquard app is your key to personalizing your product, tracking Jacquard activity, and picking from a growing list of abilities that keep you connected and in the moment.

Check out the abilities you can assign to gestures:
Selfie– Snapping photos and group shots are easier than ever - set your phone down and just gesture to capture the moment
My Question – Google Assistant will answer your pre-selected question or perform the task you asked whenever you gesture.
My Day – Hear information about your commute, upcoming events, and more.

Play/Pause – Play and pause your audio
Previous – Go back in your audio queue
Next – Skip to the next track
What’s Playing – Hear what’s playing and get details in Activity
Bose Aware Mode – Toggle noise cancellation on and off on your Bose QuietComfort 30 or 35 headphones

Arrival Time – Get the estimated time of arrival to your destination
Next Direction – Unsure of your next move? Hear the next direction when you want it

Calls and Texts – Never miss a call or text. The Jacquard Tag notifies you for incoming calls and texts.
Rideshare – Stay on the move. The Jacquard Tag notifies you when your ride is near.
Ping – Stay in the moment and off your phone. Jacquard pings you only when someone important contacts you.
Always Together – Get notified when you’re separated from your phone or product.

Places – Save new locations as you're passing through. See and share your pinned places in Activity.
Current Time – Stay on schedule. Hear the current time.
Count – Keep count of anything, from potholes to game scores. See how they stack up in Activity.
Find Your Phone – Keep track of your phone. Make it ring when you’re nearby, even if the ringer’s off.

Light – Light up the Jacquard Tag in three different modes
You can also assign the same ability to multiple gestures.
Intended for use with the Levi’s® Commuter™ Trucker Jacket, Samsonite Konnect-i Backpack and Saint Laurent Backpack with Jacquard™ by Google.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
You need the Google Assistant to use My Question and My Day abilities.

From version Jacquard™ by Google 2.7:

This release adds the ability to inform users of updates to product support in the future.

All versions
Jacquard™ by Google 2.7


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Jacquard™ by Google 2.6


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Jacquard™ by Google 2.5


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Jacquard™ by Google 2.4


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Jacquard™ by Google 2.3.1


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Jacquard™ by Google 2.3


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Jacquard™ by Google 2.2.1


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Jacquard™ by Google 2.2


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Jacquard™ by Google 2.1.1


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Jacquard™ by Google 2.1


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