Connect to more hotspots with GoSmart WiFi App - get free, high-speed data!

The GoSmart WiFi is a free app for your mobile device that finds, manages, and automatically connects to available WiFi hotspots. The app helps increase your device’s WiFi connections while minimizing your cellular data consumption by only turning WiFi on when and where needed.

The app enhances your GoSmart service by providing a better data experience at no additional cost to you. The GoSmart WiFi app includes the highlighted features below to help you get the most out of WiFi.

Highlighted App Features:

• • Automatic WiFi: GoSmart WiFi manages many quality hotspots and connects automatically when in range. Available hotspots for your area are updated daily keeping you current even when traveling.
• • Your Own Hotspots: Add your own hotspots like your home or work to GoSmart WiFi. These hotspots are kept private to you by the app.
• • Hotspot Quality: GoSmart WiFi not only monitors the signal strength of hotspots, but also their speed and access to the Internet. When quality issues arise, you are informed and given choices to handle them.
• • Hotspots with Sign In: Most public hotspots have a "sign in" or "terms & conditions" page which you must agree to before accessing the Internet. You can use GoSmart WiFi to automate many of them for you. For those that cannot be automated, you are notified so you can sign in yourself.
• • Finding Hotspots: Go to the Map to view available hotspots. Download more hotspots for any area you wish by using the map commands.
• • Data Usage Statistics: Keep track of how much data has been used over cellular vs WiFi through the Statistics graph in the app.

From version GoSmart Mobile Wi-Fi 2.11.28:

Bug fixes and enhancements.

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October 31, 2018


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