From the creators of 1010! and Merge Dragons! comes the next incarnation of a new classic, 1010! World Tour. The same easy to learn, fun to master gameplay that you've come to know and love, but with a new and exciting twist.

With over 50 levels of unique 1010! gameplay, and multiple creative power-ups and special blocks, 1010! World Tour takes the 1010! formula to a whole new level.

- Explore and unlock monuments of the real world, from over a dozen countries, as you play your way through the game. Can you unlock them all?
- Collect and use unique power-ups to ensure victory in even the most challenging of levels. Master the puzzles, master the game!
- Get ready for the unexpected as you encounter unique 1010! blocks with special effects like the explosive block, rocket block, seed block, and more! Prepare for a 1010! experience unlike any other.

At its core, however, this is still 1010!: deceptively simple and devilishly complex. Whether you're a seasoned 1010! veteran, or a curious new-comer looking for your next puzzle addiction, 1010! World Tour has it all.

Come see why over 100 million players love 1010!, and be a part of the new wave of players who are falling in love with 1010! World Tour. Don't wait another second: download it today!

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From version 1010! World Tour 0.7.0:

Hey 1010! World Tour fans - today's update brings with it some amazing new features!
• New power-ups!
• Clear massive chunks of the map with the new "Gravity Rush" booster!
• Fill in irregular spaces with the useful "Insta-Seed" booster!
• Level fixes and balance improvements
• UI tweaks to improve the game's overall aesthetics!

Thank you for playing 1010! World Tour! Enjoy!

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1010! World Tour 0.7.0
January 30, 2019


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