Revealing the inspirations behind Creative Director Alessandro Michele's collections, the Gucci App presents ready-to-wear and accessories through engaging narrative and innovative features. With the app, users can download wallpapers, take pictures with stickers and motifs of the House, use Augmented Reality to decorate spaces and virtually try-on eyewear, sneakers, masks, lipsticks and hats. Watch Gucci fashion shows, play Gucci Arcade games, personalize products in the Gucci DIY section and, through an immersive 3D experience, discover the GG Marmont bags. Enter special sections, Gucci Places to explore curious corners of the world connected to the House, and Gucci Garden, designed with the creative spirit of the exhibit space in Florence.
From version GUCCI 6.3.0:
Download the latest version of the Gucci App to discover the new exclusive features and virtually try on sneakers and other Gucci pieces. Play new Arcade games, find out about the Epilogue collection by Alessandro Michele, listen to the Gucci Podcast series and explore a new way of living with Gucci Equilibrium.
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Latest: 6.3.0 on August 21, 2020
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