An original competitive card game from GungHo!!
Character/Skill/Card variety delivers unparalleled strategy!
Battle your way to the top of the world ranking YOUR way!


**Game Features**
-CHRONO MA:GIA: an authentic competitive card game that balances approachability with deep strategy!
-Diverse characters, a wide selection of skills, and freedom in card selection ensure endless strategic possibilities!
-Don’t let your guard down! Sudden reversals of fortune lead to intense card battles!
-Compete against players from around the world in online matches!
-Vertical interface specially designed for ease of use on smartphones!

**Featuring the industry’s top card illustrators!**
-Yosuka Adachi
-Takahiro Araya
-Yoichi Ito
-Hideaki Takamura
-Shinnosuke Hino
-Miho Midorikawa
and more...

**Deluxe Voice Cast!**
-Yumiri Hanamori
-Tetsuya Kakihara
-Soness Stevens
-Kentaro Tone
-Hiroki Takahashi
-Soma Saito
-Ayumu Murase
-Yukiyo Fujii
-Chitose Morinaga
-Shuu Uchida
-Sayaka Ohara
-Kohei Kaieda
-Urara Takane
-Douglas Kun
-Nozomi Sasaki


*Official CHRONO MA:GIA Homepage


See the CHRONO MA:GIA homepage for the latest news.
From version CHRONO MA:GIA 2.2.0:
Ver. 2.2.0 Update Details
*Deck Code, Daily Quests & login stamp features added.
*New Puzzle & Dragons & Extra Cards added.
*Beginner Challenges & Practice Mode unlocked by default.
*Story Mode deck adjustments.
*Balance adjustments, UI improvements & bug fixes have been made.

*For details, from within the app see Others > News > Official Site.
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November 5, 2018
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