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This applications allows you to check the Treble GSI requirements and determine the correct GSI type for your device.

Key features:
* Check Treble support status
* Check Treble/VNDK version
* Check system architecture
* Check A-Only or A/B status
* Check for binder64
* Check for System-as-Root
* Does not require root access
* Supports dark theme and MD2 :D

You can download GSIs from all over the internet. Check the XDA Forums (not affiliated) for some easy tutorials.

Source Code:
Translations: and (they require approval from me to prevent spam, contact me via the in-app button to get approved)

From version Treble Info 3.0.4:

- Update translations
- Fix navbar coloring on EMUI
- Add support for Android 11 (R)
- Fix missing paddings in donation card
- Fix issue where status bar turns blue while scrolling
- Improve VNDK detection (especially on LG devices)
- Add x86 support
- Improve styling of thank you message after donation
- Improve accessibility for screen readers
- Remove unused assets (reducing download size)
- Full changelog at

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June 17, 2020