It's a Rivals Hub in your pocket! With the official Rock Band™ Companion app, you can stay one beat ahead of the competition.

Join or create a Crew! Encourage (or taunt) your friends! Check your Crew's ranking! All you need to stay plugged into this epic online battle of the bands, without having to boot up your console:

• Link to your Xbox Gamertag or PlayStation® Network ID
• Check your Rock Band stats and compare yourself to other players
• View your Rock Band music library, including your scores for any instrument, and easily find new songs to purchase
• Create your own Crew with up to 10 friends, or find and join an existing one
• Invite new players to your Crew, or kick people out!
• Use real-time Crew Chat to coordinate with your Crew, a feature exclusive to this app
• Compare your Crew to other Crews, and check your placement during each challenge
• View the roster of other Crews and compare your stats to ANY player – even if you are not friends
• Keep an eye on the Activity Feed for important news about Rivals Challenges
• Get push notifications for Rivals events, Online Quickplay invites, and more

Compatible with Rock Band 4 on Xbox One or PlayStation®4. Best experienced with the Rock Band Rivals expansion.

Terms of Use:

From version Rock Band Companion 3.0.1:

- Fixed a bug where PSN two-factor authentication would lock up the app
- Fixed a bug where songs would be removed from the Music Library on each reload
- Fixed a bug where the instrument icon shown for each Crew member would not match the displayed Skill value

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Rock Band Companion 3.0.1
January 13, 2019


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Rock Band Companion 3.0.0
January 4, 2019


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