Stream premium games on demand with Hatch: your free to play cloud gaming arcade! Play online action, adventure, strategy, racing, puzzle and RPG games from our constantly expanding library of 100+ mobile gaming titles, from The Silent Age to Monument Valley.

Hatch is a new cloud gaming arcade that lets you play free mobile games with no additional downloads or in-app purchases. Get ready for a super social gaming experience with cloud streaming multiplayer games on demand. Play the best games around, like Angry Birds, The Silent Age, Dots, Monument Valley and other top cloud streaming titles with your friends. Share your favourite social gaming moments!

🎮 Mobile gaming, on demand: TOP 3 FEATURES 🕹

1. Stream premium games from our cloud gaming arcade instantly, and choose from 100+ action, adventure, strategy, racing, puzzle and RPG games. No downloads: from mobile gaming classics like Angry Birds to indie innovators like Dots! and Monument Valley, get ready to play the best games, free to play and on demand.

2. Any Angry Birds or The Silent Age levels giving you grief? Use our super social gaming service to progress! Play online, go multiplayer and invite your friends to take over, so you can beat that action RPG boss, strategy map, high-octane racing track, fiendish puzzle or hidden adventure level.

3. Join the super social gaming revolution: stream premium games and record your Dots! or The Silent Age highlights. Watch your friends play free mobile games, record your high scores on our leaderboards and share multiplayer gameplay tips and tricks.

Instantly stream any of the free mobile games in our arcade without downloads and play online. Hatch has some of best games available on Android, free to play and on demand. It’s a completely new way to enjoy the games you love with the people you know, anytime you want.

Hatch is in beta and all feedback is welcome! Ping us on social media (handles below!) or send a note to [email protected]

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