In ‘Learn 2 Fly: flying arcade games’ you have to learn how to fly over the penguin isle. You can use the upgrades, which can help you to bounce and enjoy flying penguin arcade games. Your goal is very simple: fly over the penguin island as high and far as possible.

‘Learn 2 Fly: flying arcade games’ is a sequel to the highly-rated Flash game Learn to Fly, played over 30 million times! Now this penguin arcade game is available on mobile phones and tablets.

Flying gives you valuable cash to buy icy upgrades. Use a board chip with a motor? A sled with a rocket? It's up to you! The main thing is to bounce and fly as far as possible through the penguin isle. Correctly selected the sledge and jetpack will help our hero to fly like a bird through penguin isle. After completing each level in upgrade arcade games, you will receive gold coins that you can use to buy more fun and powerful upgrades.

The new version of this upgrade arcade game features more obstacles, enemies, customization and more secrets and achievements than ever before to offer you a brand-new upgrade arcade games experience. New enemies, dangerous flying animals and many secrets are waiting for you on the penguin isle.

This penguin adventure is perfect for adults and children. Enjoy colorful graphics, ice view and a fun upgrade game with our brave hero. Enjoy flying in our penguin arcade games!

Our brave Penguin is back for revenge! Will you help him to crush this epic iceberg? Join the club penguin and enjoy a funny upgrade arcade game.

Key features:

⛷ Tap on the screen as quickly as possible to fly like a bird
🚀 Advanced flight physics
🤝 More fun competing with your friends
🛷 Upgrade your sled, rockets, and jetpack
🔧 More than 60 upgrades to improve your flight
🐧 Penguin games

How far can penguin fly? Upgrade your jetpack and bounce to take new distance. Ice racer ready for a new flight over the island in our icy arcade. Fly like a bird!

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From version Learn to Fly: bounce & fly! 2.8.24:

Greetings, brave pilots! 🚀

In this update:
🤝 Added a new advertising partner.
🛠 Minor fixes and stability improvements.

Enjoy flying with our penguin 🤝, and thanks for playing with us ❤️

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