What's new in HiBy Music

From version HiBy Music V4.2.6 International build 5567:

1. Optimized MSEB/PEQ/EQ UI;
2. Added a function regarding saving MSEB/PEQ/EQ configurations online (login account to synchronize relevant configurations anytime and anywhere);
3. Added MSEB/PEQ/EQ QR code sharing/import function (users can share tuning style);
4. Supported TIFF file format of external cover for local tracks;
5. Fixed issues with plugin updates;
6. Users can view artist information under the track list menu;
7. Various other bug fixes.

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HiBy Music V4.2.6 International build 5567

Version:V4.2.6 International build 5567

Uploaded:November 6, 2023 at 2:32AM UTC

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Version:V4.2.5 International build 5559

Uploaded:July 8, 2023 at 6:53AM UTC

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HiBy Music V4.2.1 International build 5553

Version:V4.2.1 International build 5553

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