What's new in Notepad Vault-AppHider

From version Notepad Vault-AppHider 3.4.9_d6d9ecb2c:

1. add declaration of privacy policy for user terms
2. fix crash of Private Gallery on some phones
3. fix bug that user can't see any media files when import on some phones
4. fix bug that need input password again in some cases
5. fix bug that the imported app failed to open after entering hiding mode
6. optimize UI when user choose a folder for saving media files
7. now we can run in Android 14 smoothly
8. user can sort media files now when browse Gallery
9. wallpaper can be customed now

About Notepad Vault-AppHider

Advantages of Notepad Vault hidden applications:
-Notice bar information tips, only show the standard calculator’s icon
-Check phone system settings, the application name is Calculator+ (not app hider)
-When Checking recent apps, the app name is Notepad Vault(not app hider)

Notepad Vault can help you to hide any app. And keep your privacy by hiding apps.You can open hidden apps in Notepad Vault or interface of your phone.Also Notepad Vault provides hidden picture function, your pictures import into the gallery, others can not see these photos.You can browse protected pictures in hider's gallery.
App Characteristics:
1.Hide all installed applications (No ROOT Obtaining)
2.Password protection(When the first time,need to create the password)
3.Supports hiding any applications used on mobile phones(Easy way hide apps)
4.Hidden app can be used in the Notepad Vault, also use the main interface in the phone.
5.Open the app just standard calculator , if don't know password can't use the Notepad Vault.
6.Hide Notifications ,provide notification in 3 mode all / just number / none
7.Hide apps from recents
8.Gallery Module to hide photos /pictures(Protect your secret photos/pictures,avoid others find them)
9.Add shortcut to hiden camera(use the hider's built-in camera to take private photos)
10.Hide Videos and play Videos

Installed Applications Information: When utilizing Notepad Vault-AppHider to duplicate the applications installed on your device, we collect and upload this information to our server. Rest assured, we do not disclose your installed applications data to any third party. The collection and upload of such information are exclusively for creating a personalized list of recommended apps that can be cloned and hide, along with relevant compatibility notes.

Notepad Vault-AppHider variants

Latest: 3.4.9_d6d9ecb2c on February 10, 2024
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Uploaded:March 10, 2021 at 12:29PM UTC

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Notepad Vault-AppHider 2.9.1_ae9f8c754


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Notepad Vault-AppHider 2.8.9_409aa5500


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Notepad Vault-AppHider 2.7.1_3d1de12d6


Uploaded:September 21, 2020 at 2:29PM UTC

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