Your screen is a window into a universe made of music. Use it to fly through space and discover new worlds. Each planet you visit contains a unique song — play the drums to master it and collect resources to continue your journey.

As you play the song, you can close your eyes, let the notes gradually fade away, and drum with your instincts. Tune in to your inner sense of rhythm while uncovering the secrets of the Sound Sky universe.

We have seeded Sound Sky with over 100 planets for you to discover, and we are constantly creating more. Start your journey as a cosmonaut and a musician now!

- Navigate through a live simulation of a universe containing planets, suns, and black holes
- Play the drums in 100+ original songs on each planet; learn to master the beat by drumming without any visual cues
- Lose yourself to engaging, meditative music and eye-catching, mesmerizing visuals
- Develop your sense of rhythm while discovering new worlds in the Sound Sky universe

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From version Sound Sky — Play with Rhythm 1.2.0:
- Improved Night mode experience
- Made it easier to adjust for audio delay in Settings
- Squashed a bunch of bugs
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