Vibe ⚡ is a safe 🦺 place to make new friends and find meaningful relationships online. Break the ice 🧊 over fun videos 📺, casual conversations or live group voice talk 🎙with some of the funnest people online. 100% private with no fake profiles. Express yourself with HikeMoji, your personal avatar and virtual identity.

Make New Friends Online 👫 : Say goodbye to boredom! Hangout, chat, watch videos, and meet like-minded people. Start conversations easily over fun activities and make meaningful connections. Like someone’s vibe? View their profile and add them as friends.

Be Your Most Expressive Self 😎 : Just click a selfie, create your own personalised avatar and be your funnest and most expressive self. Choose from over 1000 hairstyles, facial features, bindis, local clothing, nose pins & more to make your HikeMoji truly yours.

Nicest People Only 😊 : No creeps, no fake profiles. Every profile is gender verified via selfies to make Vibe sleaze-bag free & to help you safely make friends and find meaningful relationships.

Private & Safe 🔒 : 100% privacy ensured. Your avatar is your only identity on Vibe. Your selfie & phone number stays private and is never shown to anyone, ever. What happens on Vibe, stays on Vibe!

Vibrant Community: Vibe is truly like no other app 🙌. Here you can be part of a vibrant community and discover new and exciting people every day! You can even find people that speak your language! Vibe is a great place to escape boredom, make friends online and have casual, free-flowing conversations with the funnest people around 😀

Open Mic: Join fun folks in Open Mic, an exciting place to find meaningful relationships over casual voice chat conversations. Escape boredom and explore different audio rooms in this new group voice chat activity by tapping Shuffle. Like someone’s vibe? Send a friend request and start a conversation.

Shuffle: Whether you’re in the Big Screen, Chit Chat or Open Mic, you can explore different chat rooms by tapping shuffle. New room, new people, new conversations. You never know who you’re gonna meet. Every conversation could be the start of a meaningful relationship.

New features: Introducing Chit Chat, a brand new chat only experience and a fun new way to meet people. Simply join the conversation. Come say Hi will ya? 😉

More about Vibe ⚡ :

Vibe ⚡ is Made with love ❤️ in India 🇮🇳 and is a community of funnest & nicest people online.
Our members pledge to adhere to our code of conduct. Any behaviour that deviates from this results in temporary bans & even removal of members.
Vibe is free to download and use. Vibe is also ad-free and that will never change.

Make friends online and find meaningful relationships. Download ⬇️ Vibe now! After all Friendships can change lives 🌟

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Want more? Read below about the thoughtful ways in which we are building a social community of nice & fun people and helping you forge true friendships.
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