• Easy to use camera interface allows you to focus on the moment.
• Switch between key camera modes i.e. Photo, Video, Live Bokeh, Slow motion, Time-lapse, Panorama modes with one touch.
• Fully integrated Google Lens answers questions about the world around you in real time like overlaying information about objects right in the viewfinder or you are able to copy-paste text from the real world to your phone. 
• Google Motion lets you capture exciting short videos and transforms them into beautiful cinemographs.
• Our Pro camera mode gives you the ultimate level of control over your photo – have fun experimenting and creating unique compositions.
• Dual-Sight photos and videos use the front and rear cameras simultaneously, allowing you to capture both the action and your reaction in a split-screen photo or video. And now, with ‘You Decide’, you can control which camera takes the first shot, freeze it, then set up and capture the second half in your own time. Plus with the ‘Infinitely Adjust’ feature you can adjust the proportion when taking Dual-Sight photos or videos, letting you decide whether to show more from your front or rear camera.”
• Use all of these features and live stream to Facebook or YouTube with a single touch – all from within the app.

• Nokia Camera works on Nokia smart phones running AndroidTM 8.0 OreoTM and above.
• Pro mode is only available on Nokia smart phones with ZEISS Optics.
• Live Bokeh is only available on Nokia smart phones with dual-camera.
• Dual-Sight feature is available on Nokia 5.1 Plus smart phones and above.
• Live streaming to Facebook or YouTube requires a Facebook or Google account.

HMD Global Oy is the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for phones & tablets. Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation. Android, Google and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC. Oreo is a trademark of Mondelez International, Inc. group.

From version Nokia Camera 91.10.0010.60:

1. With the ‘You Decide’ feature in Dual-Sight, allows you to line one side of the picture/video, double tap to freeze it, then re-position your camera to get the best angle. Double-tap the second half, and your image is saved to your device.

2. Use the ‘Infinitely Adjust’ feature in Dual-Sight mode to adjust the proportion when taking photos or videos, letting you decide whether to show more from your front or rear camera.”

All versions
Nokia Camera 91.10.0010.60


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Nokia Camera 91.10.0010.50


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Nokia Camera 91.10.0010.30
January 28, 2020


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Nokia Camera 91.9.1160.70
November 27, 2019


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Nokia Camera 91.9.1160.53
November 4, 2019


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Nokia Camera 86.9.1140.21
October 30, 2019


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Nokia Camera 91.10.0010.44
October 15, 2019


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Nokia Camera 91.10.0010.23
October 14, 2019


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Nokia Camera 91.10.0010.13
October 14, 2019


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Nokia Camera 91.9.1160.31
October 12, 2019


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