About HONOR Health

The Honor Health App is a software platform that records, analyzes movement and health data, connects and manages devices, and provides an exercise Service software platform for User.
Supported devices: Honor watch GS3/ Honor bracelet 7/ Honor watch 4
[ Track your workout]
Chart your course, check Monitoring for progress and help you achieve your goals. The type of exercise mainly includes walking, running, cycling, you can track through the mobile phone.
[ Monitoring health information]
Check your heart rate, stress, sleep, weight, and cycle details to keep track of your health with ease.
I 'll join Table, Band device anytime Notice, send SMS to Notice]
Ask User for permission to view your phone's address book, call history, receive SMS, view SMS, send SMS, listen to calls, and listen to the power status. This allows you to keep up to date with your phone and check your call history, make calls, send, and read SMS at Table without having to check your phone frequently.
[ The following permissions are required to apply Service]
- Location: This is used to record movement and to support wearable devices to obtain weather information. To ensure continuity and accuracy of running, walking, and cycling trails, we collect your location data even if the app Procedure is running in the background.
- Phone permissions: This is used to answer or make calls from matching wearables.
- SMS permission: This is used to send and receive SMS messages from matching wearables.
- Call log permissions: This is used for matching wearables to view call logs.
- Installed App Permissions: To view installed apps that can send Notice after opening the Notice permission.
- Camera permissions: This is used to scan the code to connect the device, add friends and family, open eSIM, access photo albums, etc.
- Storage permissions: This is used to scan the code to connect devices, add friends and family, open eSIM cards, access photo albums, etc.
- Contacts permissions: This is used to select Contacts when setting up a common Contacts on a matching wearable.
- Nearby device permissions: Use Release after the Android TER M7 to connect a wearable or fitness device.12
- Fitness exercise permissions: This is used to get movement information recorded by your phone so that you can still count your movement data when you use your wearable device.
- Calendar permission: To record and display your fitness program, YOYO suggests scheduling queries when you leave the card, etc.
- Notice permissions: Used to send Notice such as Devices, Sports, System, etc to Notice from the app.
- Microphone: This is used to record and share videos of motion trajectories.
[ Disclaimer]
These features are supported by a dedicated sensor device, which is not suitable for medical use and is only available for general fitness User. Please refer to the hardware description for details.

1. Optimize application stability and improve user experience

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June 21, 2024
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 9.0+
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