The official application for watching and listening to the HRT national TV and national and regional radio channels anywhere. The Application allows Catch-up TV content for up to 72 hours in the past, as well as the Video and Audio library and Program guide.

It is possible to use the service outside the Republic of Croatia with limited access to certain content in line with copyright and the HRT license agreements. If certain content is protected, it will not be visible outside the Republic of Croatia. This mainly has to do with the foreign-produced content, while most of the local production of the HRT can be broadcast in all areas.

A network connection is required in order to access content.

Install the HRTi application and watch and listen to your favourite radio and TV content!
From version HRTi OTT 5.33.3:
Subtitles on Live broadcast and Audio descriptions on Videostore content are now available for people with sensory difficulties.
Push notifications for Editors recommendations can be enabled now.
Application performance is optimized with specific improvements in the content player section.
All versions
September 18, 2020
March 16, 2020