What's new in HTC Edge Launcher

From version HTC Edge Launcher 1.20.1015906:

- Open Edge Launcher without unlocking the phone
- Edit the position of icons on a panel
- Support Battery saver, Auto rotate, and Wi-Fi hotspot
- Support more HTC smartphones with Edge Sense

About HTC Edge Launcher

Edge Launcher helps give you fast access to your favorite apps, contacts, and settings with just one hand. Simply squeeze and you can instantly open a customizable circular-shaped menu that keeps what's important and most useful to you always within a thumb's reach. You can set up to five menus!
• Compatible with HTC Edge Sense
Squeeze to open the menu, and swipe to switch panels
• Customizable menu
Add your favorite apps, contacts and settings to the menu
• Customizable size
Adjust the panel size to fit your hand
• Smart suggestions
Find your most frequently used apps and contacts easily when you set it up

HTC Edge Launcher variants

Latest: 1.20.1015906 on January 30, 2018
Latest: 1.20.1015906 on January 5, 2018
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HTC Edge Launcher 1.20.1015906

HTC squeezes more functionality out of Edge Launcher


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HTC Edge Launcher 1.00.989317


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