HUAWEI Printer
1. AR photo: making your albums come alive
Use AR printing to extract a still photo from a video feed, and then bring it to life anytime by simply scanning the photo.

2. Quick Bluetooth connection: making photo printing fast and easy
Experience fast photo printing in no more than 1 minute with three simple steps: Take a photo, connect to the printer, and print it.

3. Customize your photos in Gallery
Create your own professional-looking photos with the editing features of the HUAWEI Printer app. You can select different filters (Twilight, B&W, Retro, Dusk, Autumn, Fresh, Amour, etc.), frames, poster templates, stickers, text fonts, and more.

4. Print portrait photos according of various sizes
With multiple preset portrait sizes to choose from, HUAWEI Printer is able to print portrait photos for drivers' licenses, passports, and more.

5. DIY business cards
With built-in business card templates, you can create custom business card anytime anywhere.

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