What's new in SmartServer

From version SmartServer V1.0.1:

1. Perform centralized server management.
2. Query basic server information, including the product model, IP address, device location, health status, power-on status, product SN, asset label, version, and CPU and memory brief information.
3. Query and set the OS boot device and mode.
4. Perform power control of the server.
5. Set the UID indicator.
6. Query firmware information.
7. Collect software and hardware information.
8. Collect and share log information.

About SmartServer

SmartServer is a mobile client used to perform out-of-band management of Huawei servers. It allows users and O&M personnel to manage servers using a networked mobile device. SmartServer allows users to:  Perform central server management.  Query server basic information.  Query health events.  Query and set out-of-band network information.  Query hardware information.  Query server real-time status, including the temperature and health status of server components.  Query and set device location information.  Query power consumption information.  Query and set x86 boot media and boot modes.  Power on or power off servers.  Turn on or off the server UID indicators.  Query firmware information.  Collect and share software and hardware information as pictures or PDFs.  Collect and share log information in one step. Supports Android 5.0 and later version.

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