Unremove a reddit comment in just a few simple steps:
1. Share the comment
2. Tap on [removed]
3. Enjoy your unremoved comment!

"[removed]" is free, open source, and has no ads.

"[removed]" relies on pushshift.io, a service created and maintained by Jason Baumgartner.

View the source code here: github.com/Humzaman/removed

From version [removed] for reddit 1.5.4:

This hotfix is WAY overdue. Sorry about that, my dudes.

The API I use to retrieve data has been quite wonky the past year while the dev upgrades the backend. This update attempts to work around some of the API issues. I can't guarantee it'll retrieve data 100% of the time, but the app does work again.

In other news, I'm working on a redesign of the app that should also include the ability to unremove submissions. No idea when that'll be released. Maybe in another year (jk, or not. idk lol)


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[removed] for reddit 1.5.4
February 3, 2022


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[removed] for reddit 1.5.3


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