Hide the annoying "running in the background" Notification with this simple and small App.

Just keep it installed and this annoying notification will never appear again

Now you can choose for which app this notification should be hidden, or keep using the old method
From version Hide "running in the background" Notification v1.8vc111:
Version 1.8vc111:
🔧 Removed donation buttons
🔨 Updated libraries

Version 1.8vc108:
🔨 Fixed a bug where uninstalled apps where shown as "unknown"

Version 1.7vc102:
🔧New Icon
📝Added 🇮🇩 Indonesian (Bahasa) translation (Thx @hendrawd)
📝Added 🇧🇷 Brazilian Portuguese translation (Thx @AdrianoCahete)
📝Updated Chinese (🇭🇰 Hong Kong and 🇹🇼 Taiwan) (thx Rakau @ljy_rakau)
📝Latest translations from the GitHub community
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