If you happen to be a fan of split-window mode in Android Nougat, there is a good chance that may find this nifty tools App that I have been working on.

What it does? 3 things as of now:

#1 Provide an onscreen shortcut to toggle split-screen
#2 Quickly launch any new App in split-screen mode through a floating mini App drawer.
#3 Mirror an App!

YES! You can run two Windows of an App, two windows of almost any App on a phone but MANY windows of an App on tablet, as seen on the screenshots.

The set of tools can be accessed by swiping from right edge of the screen.


* The App is in 'Alpha' version, very 'experimental' in nature. Please keep that in mind while you review the App. Genuinely positive review will definitely fasten the development. ;)
* The current version of the App is designed ONLY for split-screen mode. However, there is no hard restriction placed, you can play around but expect bugs/unexpected behaviour if you use the App in 'picture-in-picture mode' or 'freeform mode'
* If you want to provide some detailed feedback or have query, consider posting onto this XDA Thread - forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-android-7-0-nougats-split-window-t3454416


This App requires two Accessibility Permissions, while they are sensitive, this App absolutely requires them by design to provide an balanced UX and Functionality. If you don't like/want to grant permission, please DO NOT DOWNLOAD and leave a negative review, may be some other App of mine in future will be built to your liking. :)

That being said, neither I nor the App has any interest in misusing the permissions, I am a recognized developer at xda-developers.com, I develop things out of interest and my enthusiasm towards technology. And it gives me great joy to see my App running on random users across the world, the App which took countless hours to build on my computer.

From version Parallel Windows for Nougat v1.2_Alpha:

This is an Alpha version of the App, please read the App's description before leaving a rating/review. Your time for testing is much appreciated! :)
* The App is now battery ready - uses CPU for only the few seconds when you interact with it.
* The floating App drawer should be super responsive now.
* After swiping in left the tools menu, you can tap anywhere on the screen to exit (earlier you had to swipe back to the right.)
* Added quick sharing option.

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Parallel Windows for Nougat v1.2_Alpha


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Parallel Windows for Nougat v1.0 Alpha

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