Discover millions of free publications, such as magazines, books, portfolios and catalogues, and stories from the publications right on your mobile device with the Issuu App. Enjoy an immersive reading experience on your phone or tablet, no matter whether you are at home or on the go.

Join millions of publishers and readers of digital publications and explore millions of free magazines, books, portfolios, catalogs and stories across the world, curate your favorite readings into your personal reading lists, download them for offline reading, follow your favorite publishers, check out their latest publications and stories, and share your favorite readings with your friends.

Explore the various categories of digital publications such as magazines, books, comics, portfolios, and catalogues and the stories from the publications on the Explore tab. Pick your favorite categories and discover the extensive publications from each category.

Explore recommendations for magazines, books, comics, portfolios, catalogues and many more, related to what you are reading. You will find recommendations which are similar to what you are reading by clicking Read more on the reading interface. We also recommend you what’s popular near you, and we handpick popular magazines, comics and books for you to discover new readings.

Search and explore over 30 million+ free publications such as magazines, books, comics, portfolios, catalogues and many more. You can filter your search results by language, popularity, date, location, and relevance. You can choose publications, stories, stacks and publishers among your search results.

Download publications for free and read them offline. No matter it’s when you are commuting to work or school, or when you are on a flight without internet connect, don’t worry anymore. Download your readings in one click and access them through your library easily when you are offline.

Save your favorite magazines, books, portfolios, and catalogues and curate them in your personal reading lists. You can create new reading lists, make them private or public, and manage your reading lists in Stacks in your library. You can explore other people' readings lists and follow the reading lists you like. You’ll find newly published publications from the reading lists you have followed on your Home tab.

Search or explore millions of publishers of magazines, books, portfolios, and catalogues on Issuu and follow your favorite ones. Stay up to date with their latest publications on your Home tab.

Hop in and out of your readings and pick up right where you left off. We automatically save where you stopped reading so you don’t need to remember your last page. You can find your reading history from Continue reading on your Home tab and once you pick the publication to continue reading, we will open the page where you stopped last time for you.

This app is free to download and users receive access to Issuu’s vast library of digital publications.

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