Working perfect with latest Samsung update (AQG5)

With bxActions you can remap your Bixby button to any action or app you like!
Use the Bixby button launch your camera, silence phone, take a screenshot or launch any app you like!

You can even remap the Bixby button to launch google assistant :)
With Bixby shutter you can take pictures using the Bixby button!
Theres also an option to disable the Bixby button completely.

Choose between Hybrid, Comfort or Performance mode as you like.
Bixby will not be visible anymore ;)

• NEW: Double and Long press support!
• Any action to your Bixby button!
• Different actions when phone is locked or unlocked
• High performance! No lags!
• No annoying ads

• Disable Bixby button
• Take a screenshot
• Google Assistant
• Fullscreen Immersive mode
• Launch camera or any other app
• Toggle flashlight
• Switch to last app
• Many more

• Please activate / setup Bixby once before using the app.
• The Bixby button has to be pressed really quickly or it wont fire up the action.
• This app is only for Galaxy S8 / S8+ and Note 8
• Samsung may disable this app with a firmware update. Please check compatibility before updating!
From version bxActions - Remap Bixby Button 3.32:
You can now add actions for single, double and long pressing Bixby button!
• Fixed bug in setup screen
• Improvements for Note 8
• Stability improvements
• GUI optimized
• Fixes and optimizations
All versions