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Intra is faster than a VPN: it protects you from DNS manipulation, a type of cyber attack used to block access to news sites, social media platforms, and messaging apps. Intra also helps protect you against some phishing and malware attacks. It’s easy for anyone to use — just download the app and get started in a few seconds. You can leave it on and forget about it.

While Intra protects you against DNS manipulation, there are other, more complicated blocking techniques and attacks that Intra doesn't protect against.

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• Free access to websites and apps blocked by DNS manipulation
• No limits on data usage and it won’t slow down your internet connection
• Open source
• Keep your information private - Intra doesn’t track the apps you use or websites you visit
• Customize your DNS server provider — use your own or pick from popular providers

From version Intra 1.3.1:

* New streamlined network stack with improved defenses

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