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MyRemote section contains a Mobile Remote Control for your Jio Set Top Box. It has been designed to facilitate controlling of your Jio Set Top Box using the mobile application in addition to the existing physical remote control. All features / key functions of the physical remote control have been added into this section to enhance your overall experience.
We listened to your feedback. Most of you told us about the difficulty in entering the text on the TV using the on screen keyboards and in this version you can now type on your mobile device using the native keyboard to enter text in text fields on the STB screens.

Mobile Gamepad – In the MyRemote section, we have added a gamepad. You can now use this gamepad on your mobile application to play the games over Jio Set Top Box in the JioGames. Unlike the physical remote for STB, the gamepad on the application adapts to the controls the game needs and hides the unnecessary button cluster. This elevates the playing experience by making the controls much simpler to use.

MyMedia section enables you to view and share local media contents with other devices connected over the same Wi-Fi network. Moreover, you can create personalised playlist for songs as well as albums for the photos. You can even choose to play the media, songs, video and photos, over some other connected and supported screen that is on the same Wi-Fi network. This works well to view the contents of your mobile over a TV that is connected via a Jio STB.

My Network :
This feature shows network and devices connected to JioFiber WiFi network. It shows customer devices connected to JioFiber Router and JioExtender units.

From version JioHome 1.6.68:

Whats New :
Added Mousepad in the MyRemote for JioPages application on STB
Added new Game controller
Bug fixes

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