Memory Map is NOT another cache cleaner. It focuses on bringing you an overall view of your disk and allows you to delete your *own* files (pictures, videos, musics...) as well as cache files. To do that, Memory Map is based on a interactive map of all the files and folders contained in your disk. The bigger a file is on the screen, the bigger it is on the disk, it's that simple!

You want to translate the app to your language? Enroll here: Of course you'll be credited for it in this page and in the app! :-)

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Thanks to Enzo Marangoni for the italian translation, Antipov Dmitriy for the russian translation, and Michał Ćwiek for the polish translation. Thanks to all beta testers, including @AleksThomas, @Piwai, @dam_villeneuve, @robinpenea, @BluePyth, @Thiboid. Special thanks to Ben Sumner for his very detailed feedbacks and his very good ideas!

From version Memory Map — Disk Cleaner 2.3.2:

* Fixed sdcard not found
* Fixed sdcard not found for some of you
* Lollipop compatibility
* Bugfix
* Added TuttoAndroid to the about page
2.2.2 - 2.2.7
* Italian translation by Enzo Marangoni
* Russian translation by Antipov Dmitriy
* Polish translation by Michał Ćwiek (aka Jitsu)
* Exit item menu
* Supported physical menu button

All versions