As mentioned on XDA and 9to5google!

Google AMP is a project that allows web pages to load faster on a mobile device and it's awesome for that!

However, sometimes you just want the original page even if you're on a mobile device because AMP will break some pages (like most comments sections) or you have a fast connection and unlimited data and don't mind the higher network usage, etc.

Deampifier will de-amp your links and and always make sure the original links load on your device!

To use, simply select Deampify as your default handler when you click on an AMP link and all your pages will open on their original web pages!

Important: This will only work if you click the links from searches done in the Google App or from other apps like Hangouts, Messages, etc. If you're already inside Chrome when clicking the links, Chrome won't send them to DeAMPify and so the app won't be able to DeAMPify them. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to get around this situation.

TL;DR; Do your searches through the Google App and not Chrome and this should work! :)

******Pro Features********

✔ Disable ads

✔ Ability to add exceptions so that you can keep loading AMP links for web pages you choose.

✔ Tasker integration so that you can load original pages when you're on Wifi but load the faster AMP pages when you're on 4G/3G for example. Or any other condition that Tasker offers :)

From version DeAMPify 1.1:

- Added option to only deAMPify web sites on Wifi (pro feature)
- Added option for Blacklist under exceptions: will make the app ONLY deAMPify the websites in the exceptions instead of only deAMPifying those not in the exceptions
- Added share target: this way you can share pages from other apps (like the Google News And Weather app) and open the original link that way

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DeAMPify 1.1
July 25, 2017


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DeAMPify 1.0
July 22, 2017


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