[This application is re-uploaded as a new app, because we lost the signing-tool for the old listing, sorry for the inconvenience!]

GoIV seamlessly integrates into Pokemon GO making it easy to check all of your Pokemon's IVs, and see how powerful your Pokemon can become!

• Automatically detects when you're on the Pokemon screen (Works for android 5 and up)
• Scans the screen to pull as much data as possible - you don't have to type anything!
• Accurate IV ratings using HP, CP and exact Pokemon levels - more exact than other tools that use upgrade cost.

If you see a black screen when pressing "start", please re-launch pokémon go. We're working on fixing this bug, thank you for your patience.

Storage - On first launch GoIV will place a 20mb file on your device, this file is the data required for the OCR to function and is located in GoIV's app folder. On uninstall this file will be removed as well.

Other - GoIV needs to draw over other apps

Capture Screen - On start you will be asked to grant GoIV permission to capture your screen. Screen capture does NOT save any screen data to your device, not even your pokemon info. GoIV only looks at select coordinates and saves NOTHING. If you're worried about your privacy, feel free to look through the open source code on github!

Xiaomi devices require an extra permission to operate. Please check your settings here: go to Security app - Permissions - Permissions - Then select GoIV - allow the Popup notifications.

If you have any problems, please look for help in our subreddit www.reddit.com/r/GoIV

GoIV is not affiliated with Pokemon GO or Niantic in anyway. GoIV does NOT break any TOS issued by Niantic.

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