ZIPme is in beta. This means there will be bugs and some hiccups. Thanks for testing.

ZIPme is a powerful tool to create update ZIP packages to install in recovery. Whether you are a ROM developer or just getting into "root" and "ROMs" ZIPme can simplify your life.

Who should use ZIPme?

If you install custom ROMs on your rooted Android device then ZIPme can be a powerful tool. ZIPme requires root access.

What does ZIPme do?

ZIPme creates ZIP packages to install in recovery mode. When you install a new ROM your system is wiped and many times you clear your data. ZIPme can create a package of your apps, data and files you want to install right after a ROM or as a ROM addon. ZIPme programs and signs the update ZIP package so your recovery can install it.

From version ZIPme 1.0.4:

- Fix file picker not showing files/folders
- Per user requests, added options to donate to support development

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ZIPme 1.0.4
April 10, 2017


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