Treble Check aims to help you determine whether your device supports Project Treble.

Traditionally, you can do determine if your device supports Project Treble through the use of Android Debug Bridge or a Terminal Emulator. With Treble Check, it automates the process and does that for you! Simply open the app, and voila, you will already see the result in an instant!

Additionally, Treble Check checks whether your device has A/B system partitions. This partition setup allows for seamless system upgrades, lessening the chances of boot errors while upgrading the OS.

Project Treble helps OEMs to upgrade devices to newer Android versions with ease. This is achieved by separating the vendor implementation from the Android OS framework via a new vendor interface. In addition, this may speed up the development of custom ROMs as devices supporting Project Treble are expected to be able to run a generic AOSP build. In theory, with the help of Project Treble, devices should be getting faster Android version updates.

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From version Treble Check 2.0.4:
• Added Simplified Chinese translation, thanks to HjtHjtHjt

• Added Español (Spanish) and Magyar (Hungarian) translations, thanks to Melvin Salas and Sári Gábor

• Added Português (Brasil) translations (thanks to Mickael Mendes)
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