It provide a quick way for accessing "App Info" for the foreground app. It show the info on your notification panel. It can show permissions, traffic, storage statistics, etc. It also show extra info on status bar.

Notification Panel: App Info of foreground app
Notification Icon: Network meter, RAM, battery, date, etc.

App Info Mini, for Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat.
From version AppInfo Mini 1.0.33:
* Bug fix
* Spanish translation
* Android 6: Add extra traffic analysis + breakdown page
* Android 4: Fix blinking bug
1.0.25 (Important update)
* Optimized for Memory consumption (caching)
* Optimized for CPU consumption (caching / internal skip update mechanism)
* Add "show system status only" notification option (Settings)
* Fix for Kitkat (blinking notification)
* Fix for Coolpad / Zuk devices
All versions
April 23, 2017