PokiiMap by KiiDev

PokiiMap is basically PokeVision on Android, an app to help you san for pokemons in a map, because it's really important to catch'em all!

Do NOT use the same account on your phone at the same time, it will look like you are at 2 locations at the same time which is an obvious signal of cheating

Download and install the APK
Press the buttons to play


Quick story, my wife had been obsessively playing PokemonGO since its release. I wrote this app mainly to help her play it. It's working pretty well so I decided to polish it a bit and contribute it back to the community. Download it if you like the game and hopefully it helps you. If you are a developer, fork it and join me build some awesome things before they start cracking down private API uses.

To start, import it into android studio. Then get a google map API key from google, add it to google_maps_api.xml. Build and have fun! (Messy codes warning)


Login with Google or PTC
Show pokemons, pokemons notifications
Show pokemons IVs and other stats
Catch pokemon (try not to use it, go outside and play!)
Change location (don't teleport too often and too much!)
Driving mode, search/favorites
Pokemon Sniping
Multiple accounts supports
Ask for donation :)

From version PokiiMap 2.4.0:

Please read the [documentations]( before asking for help.

What's new
- 2.4.0 - updated stats for gen 2 pokemons

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February 23, 2017
January 23, 2017
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