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About Rummikub Jr.

Rummikub® Junior is a unique, challenging educational game based on the original Rummikub®.
Rummikub® Junior develops cognitive skills including identifying numbers and colors, forming and dissolving groups, building sets of consecutive numbers, forming sets and logical reasoning.
The idea behind Rummikub® Junior is for children to understand the numerical values of the tiles they put together.
The large colorful shapes that appear on the game tiles help children to easily identify the numbers from 1-10.
The mini-shapes at the bottom of each tile help children to form valid runs in the right sequences.
Rummikub® Junior innovative structure enables all players to enjoy the game at an appropriate skill level, from initial number recognition to basic strategic thinking.
3 structured simple steps to joining the millions of players who enjoy the original Rummikub® around the world!
Step 1: Recognize numbers, colors and shapes to pair numbered tiles.
Step 2: Use the Joker tile to take the place of another tile.
Step 3: Form sets of three or more tiles.

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