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The multiplayer football game loved in more than 150 countries!
Make your own dream team with players you like and have heated matches with players around the world!

■ Special Skills that really give the feel of Captain Tsubasa
Many Special Skills from the original comic like Tsubasa's Drive Shot or Hyuga's Tiger Shot are reproduced in spectacular 3D! You have to see the close-ups and voice acting, too!

■ Relive the original comic in Story Mode
Enjoy nostalgic older stories all the way up the latest! There are also game original stories too!

Tsubasa Ozora's new challenge, NEXT DREAM, begins! A brand new story by Yoichi Takahashi, the original manga artist!

The next field for Tsubasa and friends is the battle to decide Europe’s number one club, the "Champions League"! Featuring fan favorite characters such as Genzo Wakabayashi and Kojiro Hyuga, as well as many new rivals! Play it now witness the exciting development for yourself!

■ A variety of Online Modes, where you can play with Captain Tsubasa (aka Flash Kicker) fans around the world
Rank Match: Compete with players around the world in real time and try to be No. 1!
Group Match: Get together with up 32 friends and have matches between players freely!
Friendly Match: Play against friends or Club Members with whatever rules you want!
Quick Match: Compete with a team you prepare. Even beginners can enjoy this!

■ Edit Team
Combine whatever players, formations, and Team Skills you like to power up your team!
Players and uniforms can be customised, so you can make your very own dream team!

■ Training of Players
Enhance your players with training! The same players can teach Special Skills to each other!
Get items in "Raid & Hidden Skill Scenarios" and use Hidden Ability Evolution!
In "Player Enhance Scenarios" you can enhance Ability Limit Break and the Skill Field!
Give your honed players original skills and show your rivals your full-power football!

"Captain Tsubasa", the popular football comic that influenced football stars all over the world and many Japanese players. Enjoy this authentic football battle game.


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About Some Requests For Access Permission

[Accessing Outside Storage]
Necessary permission for saving game data in outside storage.

From version Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team 5.5.2:

- Changed app icon
- Maximum Special Skill inventory expanded to 2000
- Fixed the occasional occurrence of the maximum amount of enhancement items not being selected when "Max" is pressed in "Training"

Latest: 2.5.0 on May 10, 2019
Latest: 2.14.0 on February 14, 2020
Latest: 2.2.2 on January 16, 2019
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