Ok so you created some wonderful design with Kustom Live Wallpaper Maker or Kustom Widget Maker and now you want to share it with your friends or on Play Store? No worries! KAPK is here to help!

Kustom APK Maker allows you to compile in a few click wonderful Skin Packs that can be installed directly on Android devices or shared via the Play Store, features include:

- Support for official Kustom micro dashboard panel
- Theming of the app to match your colors and style
- Custom icons, name and easy selection of exported presets
- Automatic versioning, if you need to update your pack just rebuild and upload!

Check it out now, its free!

Icon made by Aadi Bajpai(The Clashster) based on great design by Bill Surowiecki
From version KAPK Kustom Skin Pack Maker 0.17b801011:
*Please rebuild your skin pack after upgrade to ensure your APK is using latest dashboard*
#KAPK v0.17:
- Fixed crash on Android 6.0 and lower when selecting walls
- Better support for landscape mode
#KAPK v0.16:
- Better dashboard, better colors
- New squared komponents and widgets preview with background
- You can now enable / disable walls download and adaptive colors
- Better dashboard dialogs
- Real title and author shows in dashboard
- More fixes
All versions