Kyivstar TV for TV boxes and media players – especially for set-top boxes x92, x95, x96, H96, TX9 Pro, Vinga 021, OzoneHD One and other non-certified AOSP devices is an interactive TV service with legal content from Ukrainian and international TV channels in HD and standard quality. Also, with the availability of an extensive library of films, TV series, cartoons and shows!

Kyivstar TV is available to all mobile operators in Ukraine. To log in to the application, mobile subscribers need to enter their phone number, and Kyivstar «Home Internet» subscribers need to enter their personal account number and password.

- Up to 5 devices can be connected to 1 account: smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, set-top box or computer;
- more than 300 TV channels from all over the world, including 100+ in HD quality and 50+ exclusive channels from Kyivstar TV;
- live control functions: pause and rewind on more than 140 channels;
- the opportunity to watch the broadcast in the last 7 days on more than 140 channels;
- built-in TV program;
- video library, which has more than 20 000 movies, TV series, cartoons and shows without advertising;
- the ability to continue watching the film at any time from the moment where you stopped;
- a system of recommendations for films, series and shows, which takes into account your preferences;
- high image quality (up to 4k) and sound (5.1);
- «Favourites» function – the ability to create your own playlist to your liking;
- «Chromecast» for TV and large screens with Chromecast support;
- the ability to choose the quality of the video;
- the ability to filter content by genre, rating, country, year of release, audio track and subtitles.

More details about tariffs and Kyivstar TV service –

From version Kyivstar TV for TV boxes 1.11.4:

- now you can create and edit additional profiles;
- additional protection of the child from ineligible content and purchases in the child's profile;
- redesigned navigation menu;
- added Main page, from which you can open any section.

Latest: 1.11.4 on March 22, 2023
Latest: 1.9.1 on August 24, 2022
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Kyivstar TV for TV boxes 1.11.4


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Kyivstar TV for TV boxes 1.11.3


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Kyivstar TV for TV boxes 1.11.2


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Kyivstar TV for TV boxes 1.11.1


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Kyivstar TV for TV boxes 1.11.0


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Kyivstar TV for TV boxes 1.10.2


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Kyivstar TV for TV boxes 1.10.1


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Kyivstar TV for TV boxes 1.10.0
September 22, 2022


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Kyivstar TV for TV boxes 1.9.1


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Kyivstar TV for TV boxes 1.9.0


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