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Millions of people use every day to track the music they listen to from their favourite services and power their music & event recommendations.

Tracking all of the music you listen to via your Android device has never been easier.

This update includes the much requested support of Soundcloud, plus the following services:

- Spotify
- Deezer
- Google Play
- And many more!

The app also allows you to:
- View your personal artists, albums and tracks charts
- 'Love' tracks

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This version ( includes some fixes for some commonly reported crashes.
Previous release notes from
* Rebuilt with latest Android SDK for some speed improvements
* Use HTTPS where possible
* Fix bug which will cause broken images when we migrate to a new image provider
* Upgrade some dependencies
Please note this build requires additional permission READ_PHONE_STATE in order to send data more efficiently and use less battery by only sending when data is already in us.
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Latest: on August 16, 2017
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