• This app will stop being maintained soon. Please try the updated version: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.leavjenn.hews2

Hews is a Hacker News client focuses on reading experience with some unique features. And it's open source.

Basic features

• Clear nested comments with two-way collapsing
• Four themes: light, sepia, dark and AmoLED black
• Browse Top, New, Show HN and Ask HN stories
• Browse popular posts by any date range
• Login hacker news account, upvote and reply to post/comment
• Search by any date range, with popularity/date sorting
• Post bookmarking
• Open hacker news links by this app
• Open post in build-in or external browser
• Check User's HN profile (long press)
• Share comment link/content (long press)
• Material design
• Open source (github.com/leavjenn/Hews)

Unique features

* Highly customizable typography
10 distinct fonts, easy to fine-tune font size and line-height, for the best reading experience.
Video demo: youtu.be/gGyW0LxO9wg

* Two-way comments Collapsing
Not only collapsible children comments (press comment content), it can also collapse comments between itself and it's parent (press comment info bar).
Video demo: youtu.be/FT4aFFUzFIo

* Scroll-down floating button
Scroll down the page by pressing or draging the big floating button, swipe no more.
Video demo: youtu.be/kuffdR2GCqU

* Post summary (TL; DR)
Distill the summary (tl; dr) of a post from it's comments, save yourself from clickbait title. Notice that this feature is still in test.
Video demo: youtu.be/Yrr4OiqGf7U

Hews is an unofficial Hacker News Android app, and it is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Y Combinator.

From version Hews for Hacker News 1.9.2:

-- Export bookmark as csv file.
-- New version announcement.

(nodpi) (Android 5.0+)
Latest: 1.9.2 on September 20, 2022
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