Go Build!

Experience the joy of building with LEGO bricks on your smartphone and tablet.

Get creative as you enter fun challenges to build marvelous models using digital LEGO bricks.


• A fun and creative LEGO play experience.
• Build with LEGO bricks for the first time on smartphone or tablet.
• Challenge your creativity and building skills – are you a master builder?
• Enter challenges, get creative and build.

LEGO Go Build is free to play and offers no in-app purchases.

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From version LEGO® Go Build 1.0.15 beta:

•New 3d Art Style
•Completely new music and sounds.
•New Mini LEGO set mode giving you some fun small LEGO sets to build, making it easier to get familiar with the system and enjoy the pure build experience before you go on and create your own designs.

All versions
August 25, 2017