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You don’t need to be in the market for a loan to use the LendingTree app. In fact many people use it to save on the loans they already have. That’s because the LendingTree app provides tips and saving strategies that help you get more from your money. It provides a snapshot of your financial life, including your cash flow, credit score, current loans and payments, and so much more. Securely connect your bank accounts for even more accurate insights and saving opportunities!

The LendingTree app is totally free. It does not affect your credit. It’s built on LendingTree’s nationwide lender marketplace and decades of experience saving Americans millions. With your account you can access that network to shop rates across mortgage loans, personal loans, credit cards, business loans student loans and more.

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From version LendingTree: Savings + Budget 3.50:

+ More frequent credit updates
+ Bug fixes

Latest: 3.50 on February 12, 2021
Latest: 3.50 on February 12, 2021
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