Anytime and anywhere, you can experience a virtual world easily through 360 VR. View images & videos with 360 VR.

LG 360 VR Home can take you to whole new VR journey. You can easily access and enjoy VR experiences from contents centric panel UX of 360 VR Home.
LG 360 VR Home currently works with LG G5 & LG 360 VR (Sold Separately)

- Recent
You can enjoy multimedia contents seamlessly and access recently added contents quickly. Enjoy all recently added contents from the ‘All’ button.

- VR Channel
VR Channel provides quick access to premium contents channel with our contents partners.
Each contents channel will be linked to individual contents streaming app. Rights and responsibility will be held by each contents providers.

- App
App panel shows icons of installed VR apps compatible with LG 360 VR. Enjoy diverse VR apps from this panel.

From version LG 360 VR Home 1.1.17:

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All versions
LG 360 VR Home 1.1.17
January 15, 2017


Uploaded:January 15, 2017 at 5:31AM UTC

File size:92.85 MB


LG 360 VR Home 1.1.15
September 7, 2016


Uploaded:September 7, 2016 at 11:36PM UTC

File size:95.06 MB