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This application allows you to control LGE’s latest Home Audio and Home Speaker devices.
Music files on your mobile device can be played on the Home Audio and Home Speaker system via Bluetooth.

Compatible Products:
Mini Audio System
Portable Speaker System
Sound Bar
High Power Speaker System

-Some models may not be compatible with this app.
(such as non-Bluetooth supported models)
-The application may experience operation problems depending on the phone’s performance.

From version Music Flow Bluetooth 1.0.25:

The service of this app is scheduled to end. (2021/06)
Please use the newly released LG Sound Bar app or LG XBOOM app.
- Soundbar product : Supported by LG Sound Bar App.
- Home Audio / Portable Speaker: Supported by LG XBOOM App.

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October 3, 2019
September 2, 2019