What's new in LibreTube

From version LibreTube (github version) 0.24.0:

New Features

  • feat: changed chips in channels to swipable tabs by @amandeepsinghjamwal in #6026
  • feat: download popup that can be displayed over other apps by @Bnyro in #6034
  • feat: support for external download apps by @Bnyro in #6084
  • feat: remember selected channel group across app restarts by @Bnyro in #6132
  • feat: support for duration inputs in submit segment dialog by @Bnyro in #6172

UI/UX improvements

  • style: make audio player align with status bar color by @Bnyro in #6170
  • style: minor channel page header redesign by @Bnyro in #6123

Bug Fixes

  • fix: button to play previous video doesnt work when repeat enabled by @Bnyro in #6035
  • fix: can't add channel to group if more than ~10 groups by @Bnyro in #6175
  • fix: chapters dont work in audio mode by @Bnyro in #6055
  • fix: Clear notification when app is killed from recent tasks. by @nur-shuvo in #6063
  • fix: crash when destroying activity after media session by @Bnyro in #6190
  • fix: crash when different threads access playing queue by @Bnyro in #6083
  • fix: crash when entering audio mode via pip by @Bnyro in #6171
  • fix: crash when playing video without upload date by @Bnyro in #6168
  • fix: crash when refreshing channel page by @Bnyro in #6120
  • fix: default value in behavior when minimized preference by @Bnyro in #6118
  • fix: dismiss fullscreen dialog when activity gets destroyed by @Bnyro in #6212
  • fix: download activity not dismissed when dialog closed by @Bnyro in #6054
  • fix: explicitely set status bar color after app start by @Bnyro in #6080
  • fix: hide add to group button when not subscribed by @Bnyro in #6166
  • fix: input method for submitting sponsorblock segments by @Bnyro in #6215
  • fix: misalignment of channel fragment header by @Bnyro in #6135
  • fix: navigation bar color when pure theme disabled by @Bnyro in #6029
  • fix: navigation bar missing nav items after closing player by @Bnyro in #6122
  • fix: notification bell shown even though notifications disabled by @Bnyro in #6133
  • fix: remembered channel group resets when switching fragment by @Bnyro in #6167
  • fix: repeat current doesn't work if autoplay disabled by @Bnyro in #6032
  • fix: respect sort order when playing private playlist by @Bnyro in #6199
  • fix: search results scroll state not preserved when rotating by @Bnyro in #6033
  • fix(SubscriptionsFragment): use null safe call by @FineFindus in #6142
  • fix: use correct fragment manager for result callbacks by @Bnyro in #6067
  • fix: use string ressource for channel video tab by @FineFindus in #6065
  • fix: video codec preference doesn't work when HLS enabled by @Bnyro in #6200

Code refactor


New Contributors

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