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Learn Spanish, French, German, Russian, and English with Lingvist – a hyper-efficient vocabulary builder that uses AI to improve your memory.

Study Spanish vocabulary: 5,952 words (now available in both European & Latin American Spanish!)
Study French vocabulary: 5,093 words
Study German vocabulary: 4,314 words
Study Russian vocabulary: 4,462 words


- Our AI tests your knowledge so you can start exactly at your level
- Improves your vocabulary quickly using spaced repetition
- Learn practical vocabulary (4,000+ words in general courses and additional words in course focuses)
- Flashcards with example sentences
- Created by language specialists
- Native-sounding virtual voice
- Speech recognition for hands-free learning and pronunciation
- Track and measure your progress
- NEW Course Wizard: Make a course just for you. (Available in French and Spanish)
- Personalized customer support

About Course Wizard:

When you add words or a piece of text to Course Wizard, it intelligently creates a course out of your idea, presenting example sentences and stitching everything together. That way, you can learn what interests you immediately – and you can share it with friends too.

Our 40+ Spanish, German, Russian, French, and English linguists, data scientists, and developers have combined the latest research in machine learning with our industry-leading language courses.

Course focuses in Spanish:

- A Holiday in Spain
- Talking Football in Spanish
- Business Spanish
- Colors in Spanish
- The Human Body in Spanish
- Animals in Spanish
- Fruits in Spanish
- Medical Spanish
- The Family in Spanish
- Your Home in Spanish
- Clothes in Spanish
- Travel in Spanish
- Love in Spanish

Course focuses in French:

- A Weekend in Paris,
- Environment
- Food
- French Prepositions
- Health
- New Technologies
- Body Parts
- The Family
- Hobbies
- Feelings and Emotions
- The Supernatural
- Holidays
- The Weather
- Debating
- Love in French

Course focuses in German:

- Football (Soccer)

Grow your vocabulary and learn a language faster than ever with Lingvist’s cutting-edge technology. Start learning a language today!

To support users from all over the world, Lingvist for English vocabulary is available in 11 different languages: Estonian, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified).



A subscription to Lingvist Unlimited will give you unlimited access to all learning features.

Other areas of the app – such as daily cards, new words, and access to learning challenges – may be limited on the free version.

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From version Lingvist: Learn German, French, Spanish vocabulary 2.45.12:
This release makes creating a customized course even easier. Sure, Course Wizard had already made it easy – you could paste in some words or text and see it work its magic, but now you can just take a picture of a text you'd like to learn and watch it do its thing. And trust us, it's quite the thing. A whole course. From a photo of a piece of text. That easy. Doesn't that make for happy learning? It really does.

Happy learning,

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