LinkedIn Lookup is the fastest way to find, learn about, and contact anyone at your company, even if you’re not connected to them on LinkedIn. In seconds, you can find a coworker by title, skill, name, expertise and more. Learn about them by checking out their up-to-date, streamlined profile. And when you ready, instantly make contact, even if you’re not at your desk.

*Find: Looking for someone with a specific skill set or job responsibility?
Search by name, title, skill, expertise, or something about what they do.

*Discover: Meeting someone new at work?
Put a face to a name, learn more about them, and find common ground.

*Contact: Need to get in touch right away?
Reach out instantly through the app, wherever you are.

Plus, it’s just between you and your coworkers. Only coworkers using LinkedIn Lookup can view the profile data you enter into this application.

LinkedIn Lookup- the perfect tool for quickly connecting with coworkers who might otherwise be hard to find, uncovering hidden resources, and improving information sharing.

** To use this app, you need a LinkedIn account. The app is currently only available in English. **

From version LinkedIn Lookup 1.19:

Security Update

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LinkedIn Lookup 1.19
June 7, 2017


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LinkedIn Lookup 1.15
April 26, 2017


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LinkedIn Lookup 1.0
October 7, 2015


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