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From version Meizu FlymeOS 8 Live Wallpapers Port by linuxct 1.7.1-linuxct:

FlymeOS 8 Live Wallpapers Port

This is FlymeOS' 8 SDKStage.apk in its version 1.7.1, modded in order to remove everything but the Live Wallpapers from FlymeOS 8.

There's a total of 14 Live Wallpapers: 5 that came with previous versions, such as Blueberry Soda, Coffee Soda, Matcha Latte, Peach Oolong and Wave Soda (which comes set by default); and 9 new ones, including The Wave, Deep Diving, The Ripple, Snowy Mountain, Ancient Golden Lava, Cold Granite, Rose, Blue Anemone and Crystallized Petal.

Thanks to n0white for providing the updated version.

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