eLabels is a companion application that allows you to manage your email* labels on the go!
* Only Gmail email accounts are supported

- Create labels (folders) to organize your emails, keep your Inbox clean and never miss an important email.
- Create filters (rules) to automatically sort your emails in labels.
- Add unread badge widgets of your favourite labels to your home screen.

What you can do with eLabels
- Create, rename or delete a label.
- Add, edit or delete a filter (rule).
- Unread badge (count) widget per label
- Label overview: total messages, unread messages count.
- Tap a label to open it.
- Set label text and background color (Pro)
- Change label listing visibility.
- Quick access to your Inbox, Drafts and Starred folders (Pro)

- eLabels has successfully passed Google's verification process. Your data will remain private on your device.
- Required permissions will be used only to read labels & filters data. Your emails or any other information will not be read or saved.

How to create labels on desktop: support.google.com/mail/answer/118708?type=gmail

How to create filters on desktop:

From version eLabels - manage email labels 1.9.3:

Version 1.9.3:
* Support for Android 11, 12+
* Fixed labels list not updating on Create New Filter screen, after account switch
* Separated no labels/filters errors from unauthorized errors. Please make sure you approve all required permissions and if there's an issue, clear the app's data (don't uninstall) and try again.

Please contact me at [email protected] regarding any issue/request.

Latest: 1.9.3 on July 13, 2021
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