Use lockIO to lock your important applications like Amazon or Tinder with a password for apps using the best app lock for Android. 🔥

Hide photos and videos from the gallery in a Vault but also protect your phone's most vulnerable spot: REQUEST A PASSWORD TO POWER OFF! 🔒 📴

Never worry again with this anti-theft app lock system! No other App Lock has a PowerLock feature, making lockIO unique! 🥇

lockIO is NOT a home screen lock app; it is an independent security app from a home-screen locker!

As PREMIUM version, we incorporate features that will transform this awesome App Lock for Android into a house alarm to interfere with any phone's theft ⭐

When a thief enters a wrong password, a loud alarm will start sounding, and vibrate, forcing any burglar to throw away any phone with the best anti-theft app lock! 🔊👮

Hide photos, videos or voice notes from the gallery in a vault. Nobody will access those private files without consent again while they're in the photo vault!

- Blocks the power off and restart options by requesting a password
- Play Loud Alarm and Vibrates when thieves enter the wrong password as part of an anti-theft app lock (Premium)
- Lock apps with password, those with personal information such as Snapchat or Tinder
- Hide photos from gallery in a Vault
- Hide private videos and voice notes from intruders inside a Vault
- If you forgot your code when entering the password for apps or lock screen apps, set a Backup
- Select between Pattern, PIN or Alphanumeric to lock apps and block the power button (Fingerprint soon)
- Lock apps kids use without permission

Are you one of those who prefers to have their phone without a password for the home screen? lockIO doesn't interfere with the home screen lock, meaning that you can have your phone without a password and still be protected against theft with our exclusive security feature PowerLock.

Set a password for apps that you want to protect! Don't let anyone read your chats or view your nudes!


Please other features incorporated into previous versions of the best anti-theft app lock for Android at
From version lockIO: Password to Power Off, App Lock & Vault 2:
- New Initial Sequence more User-Friendly
- Intruder Selfie had to be removed due to issues with some devices
- UI typos corrected
- Warning display on Vault section
- Minor bugs fixed related to performance
All versions